Visualizing environmental change and crisis: a conversation – webinar – 27th September 2022 12.00 GMT (Zoom)


27 September 2022
12.00 GMT




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Visualizing environmental change and crisis: a conversation


27 September 2022, 12:00 GMT (Zoom)



How can anthropologists visually represent environmental change and crisis? What methods, relations, temporalities, ethical concerns and representational devices do these processes involve? How does the digital exhibition format shape the nature of anthropological research and exchange? In this webinar, the curators of two digital exhibitions – Orangutan In/visibilities and The changing ways of life and environments of the local communities (Indonesian Borneo and Papua New Guinea) – will share their experiences and discuss these and other questions in conversation with each other.

Further notes

Orangutan In/visibilities is a digital exhibition curated by the Global Lives of the Orangutan and POKOK projects at Brunel University London and the University of Cambridge. It seeks to push beyond orangutan-centric visualisations of orangutan conservation and to illuminate the (often unseen) human and nonhuman structures and processes that shape this global network. What, it asks, does orangutan conservation look like when it does not centre the orangutan? And how might tracing its in/visibilities prompt us to reimagine both human-orangutan relations and conservation itself? Team members: Liana Chua, Hannah Fair, Viola Schreer, Paul Hasan Thung, Anna Stępień.

The changing ways of life and environments of the local communities is an online exhibition curated by the research project New Regimes of Commodification and State Formation on the Resource Frontier of Southeast Asia ( – funded by Kone Foundation) at the University of Helsinki. The exhibition aims to visualise the shifting relationships and interactions between corporations, state and local people, especially from the perspective of local life. In the photographs, different scales and perspectives unravel the complex and shifting processes of state formation that involve people, nature species, beings, and various state institutions in the areas that the state often consider distant and marginal. Exhibition group members: Anu Lounela, Tuomas Tammisto, Anna-Mari Ahonen, Rifky, Agus Kusnadi, Heikki Wilenius.

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