GLO featured on the Arch and Anth Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dr Michael Rivera for his Arch and Anth Podcast, in an episode that gives listeners a glimpse of some of GLO’s ongoing research. Michael is doing some really important work in making aspects of archaeology and anthropology accessible the wider public, and I really enjoyed chatting about our current research with him.

Some topics we touched on were:

~ The flows and gaps between different bits of orangutan conservation.

~ The tensions between small-scale, rural realities in Borneo and Sumatra and the idea(l)s and practices of international conservation.

~ The humanitarian imaginaries and ideas of planetary ownership/responsibility that often shape Western ideas about helping and saving the orangutan (and other things!).

~ Ethical debates over orangutan rehabilitation and conservation.

~ The promises and challenges of interdisciplinary and anthropological engagement with the wider world.

There was only so much I could say (or remember to say, or say coherently!) in a podcast, so I’ve also put together a short list of further reading on some of the topics we discussed for anyone who’s interested. There’s lots more where these came from, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like even more suggestions!

Further reading

Relations with orangutans among rural communities in Borneo and Sumatra 

Although some indigenous groups tell stories about or have special ritual or ‘taboo’ relations with orangutans (as they do with other animals – birds, dragons, snakes, fish, deer, etc.), most rural people in and around orangutan habitat do not see them as particularly special or interesting. Human-orangutan conflict is an increasing issue as shrinking forests push different species into closer or more regular contact. Hunting, consumption and poaching of orangutans are also drivers of orangutan population decline.

  • Local perceptions of orangutans:

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  • Human-orangutan conflict, hunting and other local drivers of population decline:

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Orangutan conservation on the ground: progress, problems, tensions

Rural communities – and individuals and groups within them – have responded in different ways to conservation interventions, each of which pursues different strategies for working with local people. There are various success stories that can be found on the websites of conservation organizations, but here are some social scientific analyses of the complications that can also arise in these interactions.

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Ideas about helping and saving orangutans in the Global North

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Orangutan rehabilitation: dilemmas and debates

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Recent conservation-social science engagements

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